2018 Sonic Boom Festival: Mixed Ensembles Concert No. 1

Time: 7:30 PM
Date: 2018 Mar 22
Location: Pyatt Hall (843 Seymour St., Vancouver BC)

The 2018 Sonic Boom Festival kicks off with a concert featuring a wide variety of music for ensembles made up of one to four players performing on a wide range of different instruments from trombone to tárogató.  This evening of music promises to be an exciting showcase of the talent and creativity of some of BC’s finest composers as they combine instruments in beautiful and interesting ways, performed by eclectic combinations of some of BC’s finest musicians.


Cindy Gong: Jade Valley

Justin Chiang, Andrew Poirier – trombone; Jeremy Berkman – trombone/piano

Sylvia Rickard: Three Late Period Yeats Songs

  1. The Old Stone Cross
  2. Politics
  3. Those Images

Andrew R. White – baritone; Graeme Wilkinson – piano

Duncan Mauders: Quus

  1. Grazioso; Legato Sempre
  2. Molto Legato; Maestoso
  3. Scherzoso; Tempo Giusto Sempre

Corey Hamm – piano

Rafael Brisebois: The Simon Song

Sanne Heaven, Anna Krahn – violin; Michaela Krahn – cello; Brooklyn Gerber – piano

Jeffrey Ryan: Arbutus

Jason Hall – tárogató; Corey Hamm – piano




Dubravko Pajalic: Choral partita for trombone solo

Jeremy Berkman – trombone

Qinglin Bruce Bai: Wish to Stay in Your Tender Land

Nicole Li, Tung Lan – Erhu; Bo Peng – cello; Qinglin Bruce Bai – tenor

Thomas Beckman: Caulfield in the Cape!

  1. Through the Karoo
  2. Khoi-San

Thomas Beckman – viola; Megan Bradfield – double bass; Carrie To – bassoon

Zhimin Yu: Between Mountain and Water

Nicole Li – gaohu; Bo Peng – cello; Tim Chan – sheng; Zhimin Yu – zhongruan

Daniel Majer: Brother

Sanne Heaven, Anna Krahn – violin; Madison Taylor – viola; Michaela Krahn – cello

Craig Day: Open Skies

Al Cannon, Jeremy Vint – Trumpet; Holly Bryan – Horn; Justin Chiang – Trombone


Concert Date:

Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 7:30 pm at Pyatt Hall (843 Seymour St., Vancouver BC)


$20 General, $15 for Students/Seniors/Artists

Festival Pass (entrance to all 4 concerts) is $50


Or purchase at the door (cash or credit card)