Further Series: Ethos Collective – Call for Scores

Time: 23:59
Date: 2015 Mar 06
Location: VPM


Vancouver Pro Musica invites all BC composers to submit new works for presentation at the Further Series Ethos Collective concert May 22 2015. Selected scores will receive a first reading at a public session on March 28 2015 at Pyatt Hall.

Learn more about the Ethos Collective by visiting their website:

All of their video recordings can be accessed via https://vimeo.com/ethoscollective/videos/all/

In addition, Ethos Collective will present a public workshop from 1pm – 3pm on January 31 2015 at the CMC. The primary focus of the workshop will involve not only orchestration but artistic challenges in incorporating improvisation and indeterminacy in musical works.

Ethos Collective is a Vancouver-based ensemble comprised of flutist Samantha Fu, cellist Stefan Hintersteininger, violinist Kathryn Emiko Lee, pianist Chris Morano, and percussionists Katie Rife and Timothy Van Cleave. Partially due to their unique instrumentation, but mostly because of their desire to go beyond the genre of classical contemporary music, the collective places a strong emphasis on improvised music and non-traditionally notated scores.

To this end, the present Call for Scores seeks to inspire composers to creatively ‘think outside the box’, and submit works that make use of Ethos Collective’s unique improvisational capacity. Composers are encouraged to explore graphic or open score notation, directed improvisation, visual arts, story-telling, etc.

Workshop entry is free and open to everyone. The Canadian League of Composers (CLC) has funded the workshop fees for attendees and will provide a free promotional cd for the first 20 participants to sign up!


• Submission Fee: $25 (maximum of one submission.)
Submission Deadline: scores and finished parts, must be received by Friday, March 6, 2015.

How to Submit
To submit your work, please fill out the submission form below. For payment options, submitters may choose one of the following:
1) Online via PayPal – upon clicking “submit”, you will be automatically directed to a link where payment may be made by credit card or your PayPal account
2) Cash or cheque by mail (must be received by the March 6, 2015!). Please mail payment to:

Vancouver Pro Musica Society
PO Box 78077, RPO Grandview
Vancouver, BC
V5N 5W1


• Maximum duration: 8 minutes (Please note that time limits will be strictly enforced).
Works submitted must be scored for any combination of 3 or more of the following:

  • Flute (doubling Piccolo)
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Piano
  • Two Percussionists

Please note:

Composers should expect that the score may be projected above the stage during the performance.

Composers are advised to submit works that are specifically designed to be performed without a conductor.

Percussion List:

There are 2 percussionists, and each player has their own distinct setup. Instruments cannot be swapped between players. Composers are strongly encouraged to write for a small subset of these options. When writing parts that switch between instruments, please consider if the instruments use different sticks/mallets and allot a reasonable amount of time for the percussionists to make these switches.

Percussion 1 – available instruments:

  • Glockenspiel (2.5 oct G-C)
  • Snare drum
  • Small concert bass drum
  • 1 medium suspended cymbal (18″)
  • 3 mounted finger cymbals (D, E, F)
  • 4 small-medium chau gongs (F, Ab, D, Eb)
  • 3 woodblocks (small, medium, large)
  • Shaker
  • Tambourine
  • Triangle
  • 1 bass bow

Percussion 2 – available instruments:

  • 7 tuned metal pipes – Treble clef starting first space ascending (F, Ab, C, Db, F, G, Ab)
  • Snare drum
  • 12″ and 14″ Tom-Toms
  • 1 suspended cymbal
  • 1 china cymbal
  • 1 ride cymbal
  • 1 hi-hat
  • 3 cowbells (small, medium, large)
  • 1 pair/set of bongos
  • 2 bass bows
  • 1 super ball mallet

The Ethos Collective and Vancouver ProMusica with the generous support of the Canadian Music Centre invite all BC composers to attend a workshop,

Saturday, January 31, 2015 at CMC 1pm – 3pm (837 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC)
This event is part of Vancouver Pro Musica’s Further Series, a yearly concert series that explores unions of musical styles and genres. This workshop will serve as an opportunity for all BC composers to work directly with professional musicians. The Ethos Collective is unique in Vancouver in that they regularly incorporate improvisation into their performances. The primary focus of the workshop will involve not only orchestration but artistic challenges for incorporating improvisation and indeterminacy into musical works. Composers will then have an opportunity to submit their piece to be performed in concert.

Ethos Composer-in-Residence Nova Pon will assist in the workshop process.

Entry is free and open to everyone: the Canadian League of Composers (CLC) has funded the workshop fees for attendees and will provide a free promotional cd for the first 20 participants to sign up!

You can sign up at the Ethos workshop page here!


• Vancouver Pro Musica welcomes submissions in all styles and genres.
• Composers of all levels of experience are encouraged to apply.
• Submitters must be residents of BC at the time of submission and will automatically become members in good standing of Vancouver Pro Musica for one year without payment of dues.
• Works must have been composed by the submitter within the last three years.
• Composers are expected to attend the reading session  (March 28, 2015 10am-2pm at the VSO School of Music) as well as the concert.
• If more works are submitted than can be performed, Vancouver Pro Musica will employ a panel of experienced composers to guide selection.
• All questions should be submitted to [email protected]

• Vancouver Pro Musica will notify submitters by mid March 2015. Pro Musica wishes to be as inclusive as possible, but production costs, time constraints, and other practical concerns may require that not all submitters will have a work selected. Decisions of the jury will be final.
• Those whose works are selected will receive a modest honorarium and a recording of their work for non-commercial demo purposes. All submitters will receive a complimentary ticket to the concert.

Composer Biography* (150 words max.)
Programme Note* (150 words max.)
Submission Fee of $25 as a cheque made payable to Vancouver Pro Musica.
Two copies of all scores and any desired supporting documentation.
Please ensure ONE copy of each score is anonymous (i.e. does not include your name or any other identifying features). This copy will be sent to a jury for selection if necessary. Note that materials submitted will only be returned if claimed at the concert or if all necessary packaging has been provided, pre-addressed and including postage.
One copy of finished parts. Parts must be clean and legible.
Completed Submission Form.
Any additional technical information or desired supporting material regarding your submission.


January 31 2015 – Ethos Collective workshop (1-3pm @ CMC)

March 6 2015 – Ethos Collective score submission deadline

Mid-march 2015 – Notification to submitters

March 28, 2015 – Ethos Collective Reading Session 10am-2pm @ Pyatt Hall

May 22, 2015 – Ethos Collective Concert – 7:30 – Location TBD