Sonic Boom 2015: Mixed Ensembles concert #1

Time: 7:30 pm
Date: 2015 Mar 26
Location: Pyatt Hall

The Sonic Boom Festival 2015 kicks off with Mixed Ensembles concert #1 which features a wide variety of music for ensembles of one to four players. This evening of music promises to be an exciting showcase of the talent and creativity of BC composers as they combine instruments in interesting and beautiful ways, performed by some of BC’s finest musicians.


Mixed Ensembles concert #1

Thursday, March 26, 2015

at 7:30 pm

at Pyatt Hall

(843 Seymour Street, Vancouver BC)


Musical works to be performed are:

October Morning (mvt 1, 2) by Rita Ueda

Tiffany Desrosiers (coloratura)

Kinza Tyrrell (piano)


Opera Transcriptions: Kopernikus by Rodney Sharman

Rachel Iwaasa (piano)


Sketches by Glenn James

Rachel Iwaasa (piano)


Three Yeats Songs by Sylvia Rickard

Andrew White (bartone)

Rachel Iwaasa (piano)


Gates of Janus by Craig Day

Al Cannon (trumpet)

Sean Pullen (trumpet)

Craig Day (trumpet)


Qanimts by Remy Siu and Russell Wallace

 Four Channel Sound


Orchid in the Snow by Vanessa Yeung

Lan Tung (erhu)

Saina Kaledi (santoor)

Jonathan Bernard (percussion)


Four Little Santoor Pieces by Harrison Kuettel

Saina Khaledi (santoor)


The Other Side of the Mountain by ZhiMin Yu

Wu Zhong xi (suona)

Song Yun (erhu)

Yu Zhimin (Banjo)

Jonathan Bernard (cajon)


Please join us in the VSO School of Music’s Pyatt Hall for this wonderfully eclectic combination of different groupings of instruments.

Admission is $20 General, $10 for Students/Seniors/Artists


 tickets also sold at the door, if still available

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