Third Annual Electroacoustic Festival

Time: 7:30 pm
Date: 2015 Nov 21
Location: Western Front (303 - 8th Ave E, Vancouver, BC)


Vancouver Pro Musica


Third Annual ELECTROACOUSTIC Festival

November 20-21, 2015
at the Western Front
(303 – 8th Ave E, Vancouver, BC)


EXPERTS PANEL – Friday, November 20th at 7:30 pm

An Experts Panel moderated by Philipe Pasquier featuring Norah Lorway, Lucas Cornelisse, Paul Paroczai, Terence Grigoruk, Kiran Bhumber, and Nancy Lee who are at the forefront of the electroacoustic movement with their research and practice into music and technology.

Admission: Free

Norah Lorway is a Canadian live coding laptop performer, composer, programmer and pianist. She recently completed her Ph.D in Computer Music at University of Birmingham and as well she has an M.Mus in Composition (University of Calgary) and B.Mus in Piano Performance (Mount Allison University). Her research interests are: live coding (in SuperCollider, in particular), gestural controllers, biohacking, laptop performance, networked music performance, multichannel electroacoustic composition, minimalism, hip hops and green smoothies. Her music has been performed throughout the UK, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Australia, USA, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, South Africa, Italy, and Denmark. Norah will be presenting a talk on aspects of Live-Coding/Algorave style performance. 

Lucas Cornelisse has a BA degree in Major Mathematics from Mount Allison University and is currently a research assistant at the University of British Columba as well as an Instructor at VIVO Media Arts in Vancouver where he teaches laptop performance with Skoar for the Vancouver Laptop Orchestra. Lucas will be presenting a talk on using Skoar: a new musical coding language.

Paul Paroczai is a composer, installation artist, and electroacoustic instrument builder from Los Angeles, California. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition from the University of California, Berkeley, where he cultivated interests in interactive media, film, and the artistic practice of somaesthetics in conjunction with his music curriculum. Though still fairly new to Vancouver, his work designing software for the local ensemble Hong Kong Exile (Foxconn Frequency, Lang(Lang)guage) has allowed him to sample the potential of his new creative environment. Terence Grigoruk is a video & tech designer who works in Vancouver’s vibrant art/theatre scene. As well as being part of the 2014 Launch Festival, his most recent designs have been part of renowned Vancouver productions including “a doll’s room” and “We’ll Need a Piece of Cake Before We Die” presented by Upintheair Theatre at the 2014 rEvolver Theatre Festival. Paul and Terence will be talking about creating new works involving video tracking software.

Kiran Bhumber is a composer, performer, programmer and music-educator from Vancouver, Canada. She completed her Bachelors of Music (2014) degree majoring in Secondary Music Education (Clarinet Concentration) from the University of British Columbia. Her work focuses on motion-tracking technology and new interfaces for musical expression to create both sonic and visual interactive environments for performers and audiences. Nancy Lee is a videographer and filmmaker. Born in Taiwan and raised in Canada, Nancy’s versatility and fluency in a wide range of perspectives comes naturally. From producing a documentary series on the Chinese-Canadian experience (“Growing Bananas in Vancouver”), to highlighting the social issues of senior isolation in PSAs (United Way), and generating awareness around HIV/AIDS issues in Uganda (TASO), Nancy’s diverse portfolio is a testament to her passion for telling stories about the fascinating and diverse world that she lives in. Kiran and Nancy will be talking about Pendula: an installation and performance piece.


ELECTROACOUSTIC CONCERT – Saturday, November 21st at 7:30 pm

An Electroacoustic Concert of new works created by British Columbia composers. This exciting concert combines everything from pre-recorded pieces to works with live instruments and interactive electronics – all in a 4-channel surround sound environment! New musical works to be presented are: 

Paleolithic Mathematics by John L Baker


 Audio Travelogue 2015 by Cameron Catalano


 Axis of Exile by Martin Gotfrit


 In the Minimal Sense(s) by Matthew Horrigan


 Retrieval by Nathan Marsh


 Adagio for 7 Violas by Dubravko Pajalic


 Echoes by Carl Winter

with Carl Winter, Bass Clarinet


Still and Moving Lines by Ben Wylie

with Ben Wylie, Midi Keyboard


Canto Remembrances for Tiananmen Square by Stuart P. Martin

with Stuart P. Martin, narrator/djembe drum


Admission: $20 Adults, $15 Students/Seniors/Artists

Tickets available at the door, cash only please


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